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What is a Banner?

A banner is a large graphic image that’s usually located on the top or side of your website. These graphics are designed to get the attention of your potential customers and inspire them to take specific action. Banners come in all shapes and sizes. They can be simple text graphics, interactive images, or even videos that play on a continuous loop. Some banners are very large and can even span the entire width of your website. Banners don’t have to be limited to websites, either. They can also be used in marketing materials like emails and social media posts.

Why are Banners so Effective?

Banners have been a staple of digital marketing for decades, but why are they so effective? The reason is that they have the ability to grab the attention of your website visitors in seconds and direct them toward a specific call-to-action (CTA). Since banners are placed in high-traffic areas of your website (like the top or side), they are highly visible. Banners are extremely popular and effective at increasing conversion rates. They are also an easy element to implement with most CMS software making them a great solution for businesses of all sizes.

Types of Banners

There are a variety of banner types you can use on your website. These include:

 – Lead Banners: Lead banners have a single call-to-action and are used to drive traffic to your website’s landing page or lead magnet. These are best used at the top of your website and are usually large banner images with short headlines. 

Promo Banners: Promo banners are used to promote products, content, or services on your site with a single call-to-action. These banners are great for promoting blog posts, ebooks, or other products on your website. 

Offer Banners: Offer banners are usually placed in areas that are already getting high traffic, such as above the fold. These banners promote a special offer or discount on your site with a single call-to-action. 

Sales Banners: Sales banners are placed on high-traffic areas of your website, but unlike offer banners, these are aimed at driving sales. These banners have multiple CTAs, but the most common include “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart.” Sales banners are often accompanied by a timer counting down the hours until the sale ends. 

Content Banners: Content banners are used to promote your blog posts, newsletters, and other types of content on your website. These banners have a single call-to-action and are often used in website footer areas.

 – Video Banners: Video banners are a newer type of banner used by marketers. These banners play a short video on a continuous loop, directing viewers toward a specific page on your website.


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