6 Functions in iGaming Affiliate Marketing Software that Will Boost Your Business 

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In the wild world of iGaming, affiliates are the real MVPs. They hustle by promoting online gaming platforms, raking in commissions for every player they bring in. It is a dynamic and mutually beneficial collaboration.

The process kicks into gear when players, enticed by affiliate promotions, click on unique links or use affiliate codes to register on the gaming platform. Advanced tracking systems diligently monitor player activities, ensuring accurate attribution of referrals to specific affiliates and enabling precise commission calculations.

But what can take this collaboration to the next level? Or, plainly speaking, which features should you look for in your affiliate marketing software for casinos?

What are the Basics of Affiliate Marketing Software? 

iGaming holds its solid spot among the most popular affiliate niches for a good reason. It is a highly lucrative entertainment business with a lot of traction and a need for masterful promotion and marketing. Before we get into details and discuss what sets an excellent affiliate platform apart from a good one, make sure to fully understand the essentials of affiliate marketing

Just to name a few here:

  • Accurate tracking of player sign-ups, deposits, and other conversion events.
  • Immediate access to fresh real-time data on clicks, conversions, revenue, and player activity to understand which channels and campaigns drive conversions.
  • In-depth analytics on player behavior, including player retention, lifetime value, and churn rates.
  • Flexible commissions that allow to set and manage commission rates based on player performance.
  • API support for seamless integration with other tools, platforms, or third-party services.

How to Choose the Best Software for Casino Affiliate Marketing?

Having the aforementioned features in any affiliate tracker can help to optimize marketing and maximize earnings. Now, let’s explore advanced functionalities that elevate affiliate software to a higher standard, demonstrated by what IREV provides its clients.

Let Affiliates Monitor Data that is Relevant to Them

Customizable Drilldown and Dashboard reports per affiliate is a great feature. Instead of being distracted by a high volume of data, affiliates can focus solely on relevant information, analyzing and optimizing the ongoing campaigns more efficiently. Affiliates add personalized metrics and formulas and handle all their offers and clicks from one place. This plays especially well for networks since they deal with a large number of affiliates that need a secure workspace and their data protected.


Verify Your Affiliates with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Security should always be a top priority. Not only for partner platform users but also for affiliates. Increasing partners’ trust, IREV for instance introduced 2FA for affiliate cabinets. Affiliates can activate this feature via the Telegram bot and secure their accounts from unrecognized logins.


Don’t Discourage your Affiliates with Negative Carryover

To draw in seasoned affiliates, flexible payouts are essential, especially considering the iGaming affiliate niche’s reputation for high rewards. RevShare work payout model is highly attractive for affiliates. However, sometimes unexpected situations unfold and there is literally no revenue to share (we are talking about the cases when a player wins). Such events bring no commissions to an affiliate and can push them into the negative carryover (NCO) zone.
In such instances, the No Negative Carryover feature comes to aid. The win-loss calculation is carried out precisely until the first day of the month, at which point the system resets the negatives. Affiliates can confidently start anew from the first day of the month. 

This feature enables more flexible management of affiliate payouts and it can be configured on a bi-weekly basis or segmented across different casinos.


Staying Alert with Immediate Notifications

Agility, promptness, and responsiveness should never be disregarded for one simple reason – the sooner you detect a problem, the less effort and resources it will take to fix it. That is why you’d want to ask the provider of your partner marketing software about the notification tools they offer. By closely monitoring traffic, identifying errors, and resolving issues as they arise you minimize losses and ensure all traffic reaches its destination, boosting the conversion rate.


Maximize Geo Outreach with Smart Links

In pursuit of productivity, maximum result from minimal effort is an ideal business model. 

For casino operators with global outreach, it is absolutely necessary to have streamlined processes in their affiliate marketing. 

The ability for affiliates to effortlessly create smart links within their affiliate area is designed to maximize outcomes with minimal effort. Instead of juggling multiple offers for different geolocations, affiliates can seamlessly unite them into a single smart link. This single link can be used in multiple advertising campaigns, directing each click to the most suitable and profitable offer, ultimately optimizing results without the need for extensive actions.


Safeguard Your Business from Scams and Fake Accounts.

Frauds in iGaming get exponentially sophisticated. Intricate techniques are employed, such as advanced automation, identity manipulation, and simulated player behavior. Naturally, it harms the affiliate’s business too.

The best initiative to prevent such incidents early is to have baselines and qualification rules. 

For example, a deposit set value is $20, and, if a lower sum is submitted, the conversion will be considered unapproved and will not be shown to the affiliate. Or a qualification rule can be set to approve the conversion of the players who have verified their phone number in the casino.

If your affiliate tracking platform has these hassle-free settings, you can easily filter out unnecessary conversions and spare your affiliates from paying for fake or fraudulent clicks. Let alone save your business from cut-off rates and financial loss.


The details make all the difference. As you can see, most features we described are focused on response time which is no surprise because. Time is money and less time wasted equals more money saved. This makes even bigger sense in affiliate marketing which is all about reducing extra costs and seeing results as quickly as possible. 

Our advice will help you to choose an affiliate software provider that will cater to your exact needs while also exceeding your expectations. If you are searching for one, consider IREV as your affiliate platform provider and book a demo to learn more about affiliate marketing and how we can help you excel at it.

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