IREV Platform Pricing

Choose the right plan to grow your affiliate program and multiple advertising revenue
Partner Platform
Lead Distribution
Tracking Platform

Tracking Platform

Manage your partner program successfully with granular targeting, accurate tracking, deep analytics and performance optimization features.

Leads Distribution

Leads Distribution

Maximize conversion rate with a rotational lead distribution strategy. Route leads to the most compatible advertisers for higher revenue and customer satisfaction rate.

Can I get an annual plan for more than 1 year?
Yes, you can get an annual deal for two, three or four years. Please contact us to find out the details.
Can I upgrade my plan if I’m already on an annual deal?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan whenever you wish. Just get in touch with our support to make it happen.
What are the overages?
These are all the events that are not covered by your plan. For example, if you’re a Profit plan user and reach the limit of 3,000,000 events, you will be charged $0.06 per every 1,000 events that exceed the limit.
What are events?
An event is any action that is being tracked — a visit, a click, a conversion, a registration form that gets filled out. Every time a user is redirected through our infrastructure, we call it an event.
Will my tracking stop after I reach the monthly limit?
Of course not! We know how important tracking is to the continuity of a business. After you reach your limit, your events will still be tracked, but you’ll have to pay for the overages.
In which plans is API available?
API access is available in both the Profit and the Grow plans, you can also request it in a Custom solution. You can check the API documentation here: