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What are Redirect Links?

Redirect links are special URL that allows you to forward users from one page to another. These links enable you to direct visitors to the desired location when a certain action is taken on your site.  Redirect links are useful for several reasons: they can help prevent broken links, keep visitors on the same site rather than sending them off-site, and reduce duplicate content in search engine indexes by identifying and targeting redundant pages. 

Why do you need Redirect Links?

A broken link is an error in the content of your website, which means that visitors will be unable to access that page from your website. The most common cause of broken links is the deletion or modification of an existing page. There are plenty of reasons for broken links. In some cases, a publisher may not have noticed a broken link and overlooked it during publishing. In other cases, an update may have changed the URL of the content and broken any links pointing to the old page. Broken links can be very frustrating for visitors as they are unable to access the page they wanted. If a page on your website is broken, you will lose the trust of your visitors and may even lose them as customers. Redirect links are the ideal way to fix broken links.

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