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What is Redirect?

Redirection is a type of code (typically HTML) that you include in your website to redirect visitors to a different page or URL. You can use redirection for a number of reasons. Because it is a code, the redirection will not be visible to your visitor. This is why it’s important to know why you’d want to use it in your digital marketing strategy.

Why Use Redirect?

Redirecting visitors from one page to another is particularly useful when you want to: – Drive traffic to a specific URL from a different URL: If you have an article, guest post, or any other piece of content that is hosted on a different URL to your main website, you can use redirect to send those who click on it to your page instead. This is particularly useful if your content is hosted on a page that doesn’t have a lot of authority yet, and you’d like to channel as much traffic as possible to it. – Send people from a broken page to a new one: If you discover that a page on your website has broken, you might want to redirect your visitors to a different page to avoid them getting trapped in an endless loop of broken pages and dead ends. You can also redirect broken pages to a page that has the message “page is under construction” or a “site maintenance” page that you can use to inform visitors that the page is temporarily down. – Send people from a high-ranking page to a lower-ranking one: If for some reason you want to redirect people from one of your high-ranking pages to a lower-ranking one, you can do so using redirection. This can be useful if you’re running a promotion and want to redirect visitors from a permanent page to a promoted one. It can also be used to funnel traffic from a high-ranking page to your homepage during a specific event.

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